About Us

It is my joy and privilege to welcome you to the Covenant University Chaplaincy. Covenant University is a Faith-based University founded on sound Biblical principles. This Department drives with passion the arrowhead of the core values this Jesus Varsity is known for, that is, spirituality. Raising a new Generation of Leaders is only truly possible by staying connected with the author of true Leadership, the Almighty God. Our focus in the Chaplaincy is to enable all make that connection and stay connected.


In pursuance of the goal of raising a New Generation of Leaders, the Chaplaincy has set for itself the following objectives and guiding philosophies:

  1. Global Prominence:We plan to evolve a system that will position CU Chapel as one of the best Christian students’ fellowships in the world by investing maximally in spiritual exercises.
  2. Graduating Spiritually Sound Students: Our goal is to raise the spiritual standard of our students by generating in them a thirst for the word of God, prayer, fellowship, meditation etc since we understand that spiritual soundness translates to mental excellence.
  3. Community Impact: We intend to intensify our support and encouragement for outreach programmes by the students in order to allow the external community benefit from the impact of what God is doing in their lives.
  4. Corporate Culture: We shall intensify the corporate culture during all our chapel services to make all students truly see and believe in the royal nature that they possess as Kings and Queens in Hebron.
  5. Entrench Best Practices and Ethical Benchmarks: We thank God for the setting up of the Spiritual Resource Centre in the University library; many of our students are already patronizing the section. We plan to supply the University with more titles that will enhance the quality of the section. The aim of this approach is to promote the culture of best practice in student ministry.


Covenant University has seven (7) Core Values, the arrowhead being Spirituality. The Chaplaincy is saddled squarely with the responsibility of heightening and sustaining the spiritual tone of the University amongst faculty, staff and students alike.

The Chaplaincy is headed spiritually by the Chancellor of the University, Dr. David Oyedepo. The University Chaplain carries out the day to day administrative tasks of the Department alongside his spiritual duties.

The line of reporting of the Chaplaincy is two-fold, spiritually to the Chancellor and administratively to the Vice-Chancellor and Registrar.

The Chaplaincy has a student arm headed by two (2) Student Chaplains, one male and one female each of them has an assistant. They report directly to the Chaplain. The Student Chaplains have direct oversight functions over the various Chapel Service Units

The Catalyst To Effective Leadership

From Biblical to contemporary times, what has distinguished leaders is a walk with God. From Adam to Noah, to Abraham to Moses to Joshua, to Apostle Peter, John, Apostle Paul. Spirituality exemplified by a heart for God and character that depicts the fear of God has always been there hallmark. What a great opportunity lies ahead of everyone of you to lay a foundation of honor in God by a walk with Him from youth. This is the truth, if you will put God first, He will make you first. The Bible...

Covenant University Chapliancy