The Chancellor

image009Dr David Oyedepo is the President and Founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide a.k.a. Winners Chapel International, with a network of churches across all cities, towns and most villages of Nigeria and over 60 other nations that spread across five major continents of the world. His faith-based teachings have literally transformed millions of lives.

To date, he has published over 60 highly impactful titles covering a range of issues, with over seven million copies in circulation.

He is the senior Pastor of the 50,000 – seat church sanctuary – Faith Tabernacle, Cannan Land, Ota, a suburb of Lagos, Nigeria reputed to be the Largest church auditorium in the world, where presently four services run every Sunday morning.

As an educationist, his mission is currently leading a revolution in education in Nigeria, with the establishment of educational institutions at all levels – primary, secondary and tertiary including the renowned Covenant University and the newly established Landmark University, where he serves as Chancellor. His educational movement is fast spreading to other African nations.

He is married to Faith and they are blessed with sons and daughters.

The Catalyst To Effective Leadership

From Biblical to contemporary times, what has distinguished leaders is a walk with God. From Adam to Noah, to Abraham to Moses to Joshua, to Apostle Peter, John, Apostle Paul. Spirituality exemplified by a heart for God and character that depicts the fear of God has always been there hallmark. What a great opportunity lies ahead of everyone of you to lay a foundation of honor in God by a walk with Him from youth. This is the truth, if you will put God first, He will make you first. The Bible...

Covenant University Chapliancy