Tuesday Chapel Service- 17/2/2015

Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo

Series: Enforcing the Delivery of your Total Health in Christ

Text: James 5: 14-15, Mark 10: 51-52


  1. Nobody really wants to be sick. Everyone wants to walk in total health. It is not enough to wish to be well, you must understand what it takes to be well and live in health. Total health is your heritage as a child of God 1Pet 2: 24, Is 53: 4-5.

  2. Total health is real. We must get to a point where we believe that total health is real and achievable.

What is Total Health?

Total health is a state of freedom from sickness and disease. It is living in divinity.

To enjoy total health, you must recognize:

  1. Your total health package has been fully paid for. 1Peter 2: 24, 1Corinthian 6: 20.

  2. There is a war over your health but the good news is that the war is already won in your favour, Isaiah 40: 1-3, John 19: 30. You were declared a winner over 2000 years ago.

  3. Violent faith is the key to taking delivery of your total health. Faith is the master key to a world of total health, Mathew 11: 12.

What is Violent Faith?

It is the faith that is desperate. It is persistent faith. It cannot be threatened or intimidated by people. It is the faith that is fearless. It is the “Now” kind of faith, Hebrews 11: 1. It is the faith that achieves what cannot be fathomed by human mind.

  1. You don’t wait for healing miracle, you work it out. “If you wait, you waste”.

  2. You must arise and take hold of the shield of faith. “What you don’t want, you don’t watch,” Ephesians 6: 16.

Examples of people who lived a life of health through faith

  1. The Paralytic man, Mark 2: 1-2 He has “Roof tearing Faith” (vs5). Faith can be seen (vs12).

  2. The woman of Canaan. She had great faith. Great faith brought about her great miracle (vs28).

  3. The Blind Bathmeus. Mark 10: 46-52.

  4. The Centurion, Mathew 8: 10-13. He also had great faith. Great faith will always receive attention from God.

  5. The Woman with the issue of blood, Mark 5: 25-29, 34.


No one can build your faith for you. It is your personal responsibility. To build your faith:

  1. You need the word of God. The word of God is your anchor in the day of trouble. It is the food of the spirit.

  2. You need Prayer. It is the masterkey.

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