Tuesday Chapel Service- 10/3/2015

Pastor Ntia Ubong

Series: Understanding the Secrets of Success.


Wisdom is knowing the right thing to do and doing it. Also, it is knowing what the word of God says about any matter of interest to us and obeying it, Matthew 7:24.

We are all ordained to work in divine wisdom, Revelation 5:17. Wisdom does not only make us wise, it also makes us alive in the word of God, Isaiah 11:3.

The quality of understanding one has in the Word of God makes him a highflyer in wisdom. Because Jesus Christ understood the application of wisdom to life’s situation, He was never stranded, John 6:6.

How to tap into Divine Wisdom

  • Through the study of God’s Word and anointed materials of men of God who have proofs: Wisdom is a direct product of studying the word of God because the more you study, the more wisdom you get, 2Timothy 2:15. The Word of God is ever revealing new thoughts. Great addicts of the Word are beneficiaries of divine wisdom, Daniel 2:9.

  • Prayer: Engaging the altar of prayer is another way to tap into divine wisdom. It is wise to ask God for wisdom since He has given us a free access of communication with Him to ask whatever we need, James 1:5.

  • Observation: This is another way to tap into divine wisdom, by learning from anybody and absolutely anything, Proverbs 6:6.

  • By the company you keep: Relating with people who are operating in divine wisdom makes you also to operate in the same realm, because he that walks with the wise will be wise, Proverbs 13:20.

  • By Impartation: Impartation from individuals operating in the realm of divine wisdom qualifies one for double portion of blessing. Just as Elisha did greater exploits than Elijah, so did Joshua after Moses, Deuteronomy 34:9.

How does Divine Wisdom Manifest?

  • Divine wisdom manifests through creative exploits, signs and wonders, and miracles that are beyond the human imagination, Mark 6:2, Matthew 38:54.

  • Material Abundance: Through divine wisdom, God’s plan for our life in material abundance will manifest because His plans are of good and not of evil.

  • Longevity: Through divine wisdom, an individual operating in the realm will live long because he/she is free from the power of death.

  • Peace: A person who works in divine wisdom will have peace despite the tribulation that may come his/her way, Psalms 46:10.

  • Divine solutions to solve problems, Daniel 2:19.


Divine wisdom is not an achievement but an endowment, Genesis 41:38. Walking in wisdom and focusing on the needful will make one to enjoy success.

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The Catalyst To Effective Leadership

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