Thursday Chapel Service- 5/3/2015

Pastor Promise Omidiora



Success is about commanding enviable results in your pursuit in life; results that make you a surprise to yourself, Proverbs 4:18.

Redemption has positioned us for unending and continuous progress. When one is a child of God, he/she experiences the best of God’s blessing reserved for His children.

Success is our birthright in God and we are to do things that will make it a reality in our lives.

Secret of Concentration

Concentration is setting oneself apart for the use of God:

  • The fear of God is the gateway to outstanding success, Psalm1:1-3.

  • You must depart from iniquity, 2 Tim 2:19.

  • You must walking in righteousness and live in holiness, Matt5:13.

Biblical Examples of Highly Successful People

  • Daniel purposed in his heart not to eat the king’s meat, Daniel 6:1.

  • Joseph feared God, Gen41:38.


Wisdom is the highway to our heavenly places, Proverbs 8: 15-16, through which we will rule and reign on the earth. However, it takes wisdom from God to reign, Matthew 13:54. Vision without pursuit only leads to frustration, Job 29:4.

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The Catalyst To Effective Leadership

From Biblical to contemporary times, what has distinguished leaders is a walk with God. From Adam to Noah, to Abraham to Moses to Joshua, to Apostle Peter, John, Apostle Paul. Spirituality exemplified by a heart for God and character that depicts the fear of God has always been there hallmark. What a great opportunity lies ahead of everyone of you to lay a foundation of honor in God by a walk with Him from youth. This is the truth, if you will put God first, He will make you first. The Bible...

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