Classical Choir

Classical choir is a service unit that renders Christian Classical songs in the form of hymns, arias, and Grand songs. They have a vision of edifying the soul of men with the power of music.

The Covenant University Classical Choir was founded on October 29th 2005, having been envisioned by Dr. Mayowa Agboola, at that time a student in the University. Since its inception, the choir has grown in membership numbers and performance quality. The Classical Minstrels, as the Group is sometimes called, share a unique Vision, “To be in tune with the Father”, and are charged with the Mission – “To edify the souls of men through psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, igniting melodies in their hearts to the Lord.” These ideals have bequeathed upon them a distinguishing niche. This is not merely a singing group, but one steeped in the strict tradition of classical music. 

On account, there is a firm commitment to respect and highlight the varying voice tenures that produce a true symphony. That commitment is reflected in the other moniker for the group, the Tesbali Clefs, an acronym derived from the four principal voice types (tenor, soprano, bass and alto) with the ‘I’ representing instruments and the ‘clef’ representing the musical sign.

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