Decoration Unit

We express God’s creativity in us through the beautification of His sanctuary. We deal fabric decoration that also involves the use of props and any other material necessary to achieve maximum beauty. We also create artworks for an extra beautifying effect. Whether or not you have an experience in decorating or art work designs, you can join and learn as we carry Our God’s work.

Our family bond is one that we always endeavour to depict God’s love.
Our gatherings are thus:

Pre-service every Tuesdays for 300-500lvl by 7:00am-7:30am on HOD ground.

Pre-service every Thursdays for 100-2000lvl students by 7:00am-7:30am in Decoration unit’s office.

General meeting for all members every Friday by 5:30pm. Venues for this meeting is usually announced during the course of the week.

Chapel Decorations for all members on Saturday by 9:00am till be are done.

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