Sanctuary Unit

Sanctuary unit is one of the Chaplaincy units charged with the responsibility of keeping the University Chapel and its premises clean. The unit members are also called vineyard tenders. The vision of the unit is to love as Christ and be zealous for his house (John 2:17) while her mission is to present our (unit members) lives and Gods house clean and acceptable for Gods presence to dwell always (Rom12:1).
The areas or places that are taken care of in the Chapel include the ALTAR, Restrooms, Aisles, Entrance, Galleries, Staircases, Corridors, Bins and the Chairs. The unit also holds a special event called “Chapel Scrubbing” during which the entire chapel is scrubbed and more attention is given to special areas and offices during which they are cleaned. It mostly involves the entire school populace during which testimonies are recorded to the glory of God.

Day Purpose Participants Venue / Time
Monday Cleaning for Tuesday Chapel Service 300-500 students Chapel / 7pm
Tuesday Pre-service 300-500 students Joy Gallery / 7am
Wednesday Cleaning for Thursday Chapel Service 100-200 students Chapel / 7pm
Thursday Pre-service 100-200 students HOD Ground / 7am
Friday Exco’s meeting (prayer, plans and reviews) Sanctuary Unit Executives Sanctuary Unit Office/6:30pm
Saturday EGeneral meeting/ Cleaning for Sunday Service All levels Chapel/2pm&After Chaplaincy Meeting
Sunday Preservice and Cleaning after second Service All levels Sanctuary Unit Office/5:30 Am Chapel/After second service

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