Technical Crew

TC, as it is popularly called, also known as Olive Media, is a service unit in the chaplaincy responsible for controlling all technical aspects of a service, concert or any other live event. We are in charge of all the lights, the sounds, video coverage, scripture display, electricity and everything technical. We are the ones commonly referred to as “Studio”.

This unit is divided into three subunits; visual, electrical and audio. Their functions are just like the names simply

AUDIO subunit works to ensure that all things sound related are set for whatever occasion held in the chapel. Audio ensures all the microphones are working properly and the speakers are clear. They also ensure that the instruments and voices during ministration are blended in a manner that speaks to the soul.

VISUAL subunit is responsible for video coverage of concerts and chapel services within the school campus. ELECTRICAL subunit works to oversee electrical connections and make sure electrical equipment work well, to display scriptures and graphics on the screen, to perform stage lighting design for services and concerts and to supply power to various groups where needed. One can only work to their full capacity when all aspects of their life are doing well.

Moreover, Technical crew is a service unit that is always there for each other irrespective of the situation. We strongly believe that alone we can do nothing and “Together we can do great things.”

Our Motto: Together, we can do great things!

Anchor Scripture (Colossians 3:23): And whatsoever ye do, do [it] heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;(KJV)

Vision: Fulfilling the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ by propagating the gospel through the media within and outside Covenant.


– To propagate the Father’s love through the media, within and outside the Covenant University community
– To cultivate the core value of spirituality in her members
– To instil servanthood in her members
– To foster an environment where students learn and expand their technical skills in service to God
– To promote excellence in service to God and man (Colossians 3 vs 23).

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