The Chaplaincy is adequately staffed with highly qualified personnel and fully equipped with computer systems and modern facilities.

The unit is headed by a Chaplain, who is a full time pastor and assisted by several Chaplaincy assistants and a secretary.

The hallmark of our presence here is discipleship. Discipleship thrives on time and relationship. It takes time to build relationship that inspires confidence. The pastor must take time to bring the relationship to the persuasive stage when his life becomes a persuasive force in guiding and developing the students. It is at this stage the students can open up to him. At this stage, the pastor does not only speak into the destinies of the students but they seek after him for guidance and reshaping of their battered destines.
More and more students come to the office to open up on their own. Many youths bound by terrible negative habits come to rededicate and give their lives to Jesus.