Ushering Unit

Ushering Unit


The ushering unit is a spiritual team working together to maintain law and order during the chapel services and every university event held in the chapel to the Glory of God’s Name. Our core assignment is to ensure that the chapel is well organized and that no distraction whatsoever is allowed during every chapel function.


• Before any chapel function (either chapel service or university event), we assemble at the designated location,1 hour before the time for the service or university event to have our pre-service which is aimed at getting us ready for our service to God and also to put things in place before the service.

• We try to ensure order by moving and directing students to the front. We make sure everyone is seated comfortably and attend to their needs in the chapel.

• We divide ourselves into rows and man the door as well. An executive is posted to every row to oversee the entire row and ensure everything goes fine. Ushers are placed on rows to uphold all chapel regulations in the chapel while service is on. For example; ensure all students are standing when they are supposed to, waking them up when they are sleeping, to stop anyone caught reading novels in the chapel during the function, or chewing gum and also reduce general disturbances or noise during the services.

• We place baskets on rows for offering and for collection of items as instructed by the chaplain or any other authorized personnel. For the offering, the ushers collect the offering from the first line on their rows, and then carry it to the front where some ushers are with two large bowls to collect it from them and outpour.

• During offering collection, ushers must not collect it by the hand under any circumstance; a basket held with both hands should be used at all times. (God’s money)

• During communion services ushers are to direct the students in the direction they should follow to maintain the required order during communion.

• For the testimony and altar call, two people are posted to rows in front specially for that. In testimony, they ensure the people giving the testimony are lined up correctly. We ensure that they climb up and come down through the other side (of the altar) after the testimony. They should equally be told not to sing on stage during the testimony. The usher on the left side should go up, and collect the testimony sheet from the official on duty, so as to ensure all testifiers are there. And if there is any one that is not among the testifiers out there, they appeal to the person to go back. For the Altar calls, the ushers ensure the people coming out are arranged in an orderly manner. In case there is a large turnout, help will be sent up by the chaplaincy.

• Ushering unit is also in charge of offering collection, the organization of a counting team for the offering and the counting of the offering.


To have a people who have increased in spirituality greatly to the extent of commanding the supernatural and chasing after Jesus in everything. To have a unit that God will be so happy to answer at every point in time and give attention to speedily when they call.

Seeing a 360° ushering unit (a unit that has everything taken care of in all angles and areas). Very submissive to Divine Guidance & Direction and work in Divine Strength (that is, being a strong army and vibrant for God) and reflect the rewards of Kingdom Service.

A unit that carries the peace of God everywhere they go and above all, the love of GOD shed abroad in our hearts. A unit that has members that are distinguished everywhere they go; in academics, and all round.


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