Thursday Chapel Service- 26/2/2015

Pastor Promise Omidiora

Series: Enforcing the Delivery of your Total Health in Christ


We praise God in order to make things happen. Praise is what we do to receive what we want. When every other thing fails, faith work. 2 Chronicle 20:22

We do not just praise God for what he has done; we also praise him for what He is yet to do. The key to getting God’s attention is praise.

Why is praise important?

  • There is anointing in Praise: Fresh oil of anointing dwells in praise, Psalms 92:1, 10.

  • It is what to do when faced with difficulties: Praise is the only way out after all attempts have been made, without result. Activate praise brings active results, Proverbs 17:22.

  • God dwells in Praise: The creator of heaven and earth dwells in praise; He is moved by praises from His children. David was a man after God’s own heart because he knew how to praise God. God is holy and enthroned in praises Psalm 22: 3.

  • There is revelation in praise: Through praise, revelation is gotten concerning pending issues. It gives clearer picture of one’s expectation, thereby completing the work of the Almighty, Psalm 16:11.

  • A spiritual medium through which we transfer our battles to God: Through praises, we transfer our battles/war to God to take control. Praise gives the full authority to God (The Mighty Man in Battle) to take and fight our battles, leaving us rest assured that we are victors, 2Chronicles 20: 22.

  • Realm of Signs and Wonders: Praise releases signs and wonders in one’s life beyond human imagination, Exodus 15:11.

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The Catalyst To Effective Leadership

From Biblical to contemporary times, what has distinguished leaders is a walk with God. From Adam to Noah, to Abraham to Moses to Joshua, to Apostle Peter, John, Apostle Paul. Spirituality exemplified by a heart for God and character that depicts the fear of God has always been there hallmark. What a great opportunity lies ahead of everyone of you to lay a foundation of honor in God by a walk with Him from youth. This is the truth, if you will put God first, He will make you first. The Bible...

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