Covenant University Contemporary Choir

Our Vision statement as the Contemporary Choir is to achieve the following objectives:

To cultivate an intimate relationship with God
To reconcile lost souls to Christ
To build up choir members spiritually, vocally, and in other dimensions
To minister the presence and power of the Holy Spirit through our ministrations
To prepare choir members for the Second Coming of the Lord

In order to achieve this vision, we have the following mission:

We love, trust and obey God, and we seek His will through worship, prayers and intercession.
We love our neighbors as ourselves, and we establish success systems to build up all choir members in 
multiple dimensions
We lay emphasis on holiness and consecration, examining ourselves daily so that we can be vessels unto honor 
in God’s hands
We study the word diligently
We pray without ceasing


The Realms of Glory choir is responsible for praise, worship and song ministrations during any and all chapel functions. In order to do this, we have a number of meeting times:

  • On Monday, we have rehearsals against Tuesday’s service.

  • On Wednesday, we have rehearsals against Thursday’s service.

  • We also have general prayers and backup rehearsals on Thursday evenings.

  • We have our praise team meetings and executive prayers on Friday evenings.

    Saturday is our day for extensive rehearsals. We also have our executive meeting on Saturday.

  • We also make sure to grow individually in musical and spiritual dimensions in order to meet up to the demands of the choir as a body.

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